The Art of James L Foster
- oil painter & graphite artist -

More To Art Than Meets The Eye

Anna Lewiack - The Collection

In this series of drawings, "A Child's Perspective", I was searching for a child or children who were captured in photos at a moment when their true innocence was untouched. I wanted the portraiture to be uniquely different, but of the common nature of the child. A very special photographer was found when combing through hundreds of photographs and seeking the perfect combination of child, photographer and composition. Her name is Anna Lewiak. A native and resident of Poland, Anna has captured the essence of the entire series. Her photography reaches far beyond what I could ever have imagined for this series and I am very honored to be working with her. In the first two drawings the child's name is Julia. Julia is the foundation for the series that I hope will expand the scope of what I envision for this collection. The perspective of children unsculpted by the thoughts or actions of others. Being able to imagine what is being seen through their eyes at that moment. Anna was able to capture that in her photography, leading the way for me to create the same composition but in a different perspective.

JULIA - A Childs Perspective Series - Plate 1


...If we are willing to be inspired to inspire, to look deep, to see all angles, to deminish all that surrounds the picture we pierce with our eyes, then we may dance. It is a journey of stillness that captivates our minds, to render from our own imagination and our quest, to seek an explanation of the visiual image which lies before us and the art it may become....

James L Foster - March 2021

JAKUB - A Childs Perspective Series - Plate 1


...Art is a representation of humanity and an expression of what we as artists interpret it to be. We have been blessed and cursed with the gift of bringing lines to life, to create from a tree that stems from our minds and hearts, connecting the branch of our sight to our hands and a blank sub-straight that will soon begin to breathe. We watch it grow and develop with great anticipation of becoming our masterpiece. Before the lead meets the paper; the study, the perception and the commitment, become the means by which the art reaches identity. Without these, the work is incomplete and carries no meaning nor value. Art must reflect who we are by substance and relevance, otherwise, it is lost among those by which there is none...

James L Foster - June 2010


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