The Art of James L Foster
- oil painter & graphite artist -


JAMES (JIM) L. FOSTER married to his partner for life, best friend and supporter Patricia Foster, he was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Self-taught, Jim has always had a fascination with facial expressions and capturing those thoughts via oils and/or graphite. Many times, he found it difficult to let a commissioned piece go after becoming attached in the creation process. Although he is and always will be a painter first, drawing has been a strong passion of his over the last several years as well.

Jim says, "As with all my art, I must find the connection between what it represents and how it will be perceived by others"

Jim's art experience consists of being commissioned for portraitures, reproductions, restorations, murals, signage, illustrations, etc., over the past 45 years. His work includes portraiture in graphite, carbon, charcoal (separate and mixed) as well as oil on canvas.

Art is like dance. "Music in motion."






James and Patty

My process

Process 1

THE APPROACH - The study of the subject and how to present it. How you expect others will see it and what you want them to perceive. Approach it with thought and creativity.

Process 2

THE METHOD - Cold pressed vs. hot pressed. What will the outcome be. Fine detail, crisp and smooth or textures to bring out certain attributes. Making it your own. Giving it depth, imagination and wonderment.

Process 3

THE DISPLAY - Is it ever finished? When you can reach the expectations from the first process, then it is time to surround it (frame and matting) and make it complete.