About James


Married to his partner for life, best friend and supporter Patty Foster, James was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Self-taught, he has always had a fascination with facial expressions and capturing those thoughts via oils or graphite. Many times, he found it difficult to let a commissioned piece go after becoming attached in the creation process. Although he is and always will be a painter, drawing has been a strong passion of his over the last several years.


"There is always a personal soul touching experience with a drawing as my focus is drawn closer to the aspect of the subject. When painting, the process differs because of the mixing colors and generating a schematic in my mind which takes more time and thought. As with all my art, I must find the connection between what it represents and how it will be perceived by others." My mindset must be in place to achieve what I had initially envisioned for the piece.


James experience consists of being commissioned for portraitures, reproductions, restorations, murals, illustrations, etc., over the past 45 years. His work includes portraiture in graphite, carbon, charcoal (separate and mixed) as well as oil on canvas. Superrealism or Naturalism is his focus over all other genres of visual art. James believes in capturing and cultivating each piece to go beyond the aspect of an object or objects in the creation process.


...Be Inspired...

...If you're willing to be inspired, to look deep and to see from all angles, to diminish all the surroundings of the art you see before you, then you have become one with the art. It is a journey of stillness that captivates our minds, to render our own satisfaction in our quest to seek an explanation of the visual art before us...

James L. Foster - March 2021